The 3R's

Take the challenge and start the 3R's:
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

We are 6 partners from 5 countries who share the same vision and united to act upon it together.

This common goal is to raise awareness on environmental issues, develop and provide change-making tools and resources and influence people in a positive way to contribute to a clean healthy and sustainable environment.

To develop tools based on the 3R's approach to  of the non-informed people. The project addresses the main problem of our society now namely climate change and shows the activities which can be taken now by the people in European countries. This training content will let the target group achieve new knowledge and skills. Moreover, the project will improve the awareness of the importance of the clean environment and encourage target's group participants to develop their competences.



To encourage participation in a zero-waste lifestyle to reduce the amount of waste that ends up in landfills, deviating the number of materials and resources in order to re-use them and include them in recycling schemes.


We want to empower local communities to rethink their relationship with resources by supporting them with independent knowledge and streamlined tools to drive change more efficiently.

The problem of waste concerns us all so we believe that it requires a transnational approach.

Primary target group:

-Young adults aged 18-29.

Secondary target groups:
-adult education and training providers
-policymakers and public authorities at European, national and local levels.

Target Group

Results and Downloadables

State of the Art

A comprehensive research in the topic



The curriculum that was developed within the framework of this initiative



Six  separate learning modules which together creates a comrehensive tool


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