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THE 3R's Project


The 3Rs project is into its final stage!

IO4 has just finished. The 3Rs project is into its final stage.

Project status


IO4 has just finished. The 3Rs project is into its final stage. Podcasts with “The Voice of Experts” and rest of Project materials are ready to be disseminated and used for educational purposes in all project languages and English. All information is accessible to everyone in

All Intellectual Outputs finished


Intellectual Output 1

It consists of two parts, State of the Art and Curriculum, covered the situation and technology of waste industry and resources use in each country, as well as the educational methodology, aims and outcomes of the Project, and final practical examples of things that any citizen could implement in its daily life.

Intellectual Output 2

Training Content divided the development of the work into 6 modules, assigning one to each partner in this way:

  1. Introduction-the idea of zero waste – KAS (PL),

  2. Shopping and food – Trebag (HU)

  3. Beauty Products-PP(LT)

  4. Cleaning products – SEDA (PL)

  5. Saving Energy – DPG(ES)

  6. Saving Water – CZU(CZ)

Intellectual Output 3

Instructional videos, one video per module showing the caused effects related to each topic, and possible simple things to be done by the citizen.

Intellectual Output 4

The Voice of Experts, a Spotify channel has been developed and all podcasts are freely available both in this account or in the project website. It has been recorded one podcasts per module and per partner interviewing local experts in each country in each project topic.

It is very interesting listening to the opinion and advices of experts to be more aware of the current situation. The advices given can be easily put into practice in daily life, influencing the reduction of waste generation and saving resources.

Introducing the partners


The Project has been developed among 6 partners from 5 countries:

  • Krakowski Alarm Smogowy (KSA)

  • Association SEDA

  • Czech University of Life Sciences Prague (CZU)


  • Trebag Intellectual Property and Project Manager Ltd.

  • Granada Energy Office of Granada County Council (DIPGRA)

Granada Energy Office of Granada County Council (DIPGRA), promotes a more sustainable energy development model in the municipalities of the province of Granada. Participates in several European, national and/or regional projects, including the 3Rs Project. (

Regarding waste, it should be noted that the province of Granada has one of the most modern and complete waste treatment plants in Europe and Granada municipality as a model of circular economy wastewater treatment plant. Both facilities can be visited online via 360º videos through these links:

ECOCENTRAL Granada Waste Treatment Plant:

BIOFACTORIA SUR Waste Water Treatment Plant:

Further interesting readings


“Energía en los Coles de Granada, Metodología 50/50” Granada County Council promotes energy saving and efficiency in early childhood and primary education centers in the province. (

“Agua no es solo abrir el grifo” AWARENESS CAMPAIGN ON THE COST OF WATER: “WATER IS NOT JUST TURNING ON THE TAP” is an awareness campaign about the real cost of providing the full water cycle service for local entities. (

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