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THE 3R's Project


IO4 has just started.

Updated: Jan 4, 2023

Project status


IO4 has just started. The 3Rs project is in progress of implementation. The entire consortium is preparing to elaboration of the final product -podcasts called “The Voice of Experts”. The rest of project content is on the final stage of elaboration and will be ready to be disseminated and used for educational purposes in all project languages and English. All information are accessible to everyone in

Introducing the partners


Krakow Smog Alert (KSA) is a grassroot movement that was set up at the end of 2012 and has been formally working as an NGO since the end of 2013. KSA is an influential civil society organization admonishing for clean air in Małopolska Region. KSA is recognised as the most active NGO in Poland advocating for air quality improvement. KSA's goal is to stimualte the development of low-carbon region through measures aimed at air quality improvement. Since 2012 it has taken a crucial role in public awareness raising campaigns on air quality. KSA gathered support of tens of thousands of inhabitants in Kraków and in doing so has managed to significantly raise the awareness of Krakowians on the air quality problem. The organization enjoys strong public support. Among KSA's supporters there are representatives of medical and scientific circles, celebrities and numerous civil society groups. KSA possesses expert knowledge in air quality and public health. It cooperates with various opinion forming groups, such as medical experts, scientists, journalists. KSA is recognised by politicians, decision-makers, and officials as a leading organisation dealing with low-stack emission abatement. KSA has commonly drawn the attention of decision makers to air pollution problems. KSA possesses experience in preparation and implementation of information and education campaigns. Since autumn 2012 it has organised several public campaigns (on health impacts of air pollution, campaign encouraging to coal stove replacement, workshops for local NGOs encouraging them to action and equipping them with knowledge concerning air pollution). KSA has an experience in conducting and implementing projects financed by sponsors including: European Climate Foundation, Regional Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management, EEA funds, EU.

PAZANGOS PROJEKTAI (further PZP) is NGO acting as informal education organization in Lithuania from 2012. PZP has 6 permanent staff and more than 10 short term experts for particular projects. Scope of work of PZP is informal youth and adults’ education for improvement of general competencies i.e. creation of safe living and working environment, fostering institutional cooperation and dialog between NGO and local government, development of networks of craftsman in rural areas, strengthening of social responsibility of SME and farmers, increasing diversity of social and economic activities in rural areas, razing self-responsibility of inhabitants for healthy living standards etc. PZP has scientific research experience for effective inclusion of children within mental dysfunction into education system. PZP is experienced in implementation of projects financed by Lithuania, EEA and Norway Grants. For project implementation PZP uses “PRINCE2” (GB) and PMP (USA) standards.


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