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THE 3R's Project


Curriculum and State of the Art have finished!

Finally it´s here! Curriculum and State of the Art have finished. 🙌

Intellectual Outputs


First intellectual output was created by two parts. First was state of arts and it covers the situation and technology of waste industry in each country. This document was translated in each country´s language. ✔

Second part was Curriculum. This document described the methodology, aims and outcomes of the project, which will be presented in next newsletter 🎆

Introducing the partners


CZU: Czech University of Life Sciences Prague was established in 1906. ⏳

The large and constantly developing campus offers excellent opportunities for education and research. 👩‍🏫👨‍🔬 The institution has almost 25.000 enrolled students who, together with about 1,500 staff (academic, researchers, technicians, and administrative workers) form an academic forum. CZU has active international cooperation with institutions all around the world. 🌄

Recent news #1


Prague Science Film Fest took place on the CZU Campus Prague from 10th to 13th October 2022! 👩‍🌾 Some great topics connected with 3R’s project Like movies: Foodforest, Pleistocene Park + Ten Thousand for the Climate, Let There Be Water! After Nature and so much more! ♻ Learn more at: Prague Science Film Fest - Prague Science Film Fest (

Fascinating stories from the natural world and original narrative forms will be offered by the Prague Science Film Fest (PSFF), which takes place from 10 to 13 October 2022 on the campus of the Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague (ČZU) and is free of charge. The films will take viewers among teams of top scientists and documentary filmmakers worldwide. Students and staff are invited, school groups and the general public are invited.

Recent news #2


CZU is taking part in project SWAMP and is Implementing measures that should form the basis for a "smart landscape". Ongoing monitoring of the site using drones and remote sensing is ongoing. The entire site is also planted with sensors that enable the evaluation of the implemented measures and their long-term impact on the landscape. Retention basins and wetlands are also being built! You can check the webpage SWAMP - Responsible water management in built-up areas in relation to the surrounding landscape - Faculty of Environmental Sciences CZU Prague Future of water saving seems brighter than ever! ♻

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